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Isis Television is now Heavy Metal from Heaven.  We want no association with the occult or Islamic terrorism.  Heavy Metal from Heaven (formerly Isis Television and Video Productions) is a creative company that uses multimedia as a voice to speak to the world.

Isis has worked with and promoted Nobel Prize winners, MTV-2, Wall Street Week, Conspiracy TV, famous authors, record labels, world famous musicians, and world hunger programs.

Isis is now moving in a new direction of Christian eschatology and Christian death metal music.  Additionally, Kristin is starting a foundation serving the homeless and orphans.

Kristin regrets any association with satanic music, (she is still healing from childhood satanic ritual abuse)  and has recently come to understand what idol worship is and regrets having any association with rock star idol worship.



Emergency:  Kristin Schaible Powers' life is in serious danger.  We suspect her conspiracy television show caused this.  Attempts have been made on her life, privacy has been infringed upon, and personal items have been taken, including home and auto keys, items related to her cell phone, and the possible tapping of her home and phone.  She believes that some of her mail and email is being intercepted, and that she is under surveillance.  There are concerns of attempts of exposing her living quarters to gas and excessive microwave transmissions.  There is a possibility that her staff, including management has been involved.

"I have been run off the road four times and am closely tail gated much of the time to intimidate me.  The harassment is so bad I hardly leave home.  I was set up and forced into HCMC hospital and tortured there on a private floor marked FEMA... when moved to another floor met 3 other patients abused, one a wall street protester... and Government refusing to investigate.  Some friends, ex coworkers, even a church member bribed and slandering me with false accusations."

Interested in learning more?  Please read our February 21, 2013 press release (PDF).

Contact Information Change:  Our email account are regularly under attack from hackers.  We apologize if you have been unable to reach us via email.  Some email does not get through to us.  Additionally, we have received reports of difficulties of reaching us by phone and by traditional mail.  If you have tried to contact us and have not heard back, please try to email us again.  Thank you. 

Visit for information on the government's psychological warfare on its own citizens.  Find more about Kristin's struggles on her blog.


ISIS Television Founder & Host Selected Accomplishments and Experience

  • Television host and producer of TV Show 777-Conspiracy Theories, interviews with top experts on current events, science, theology, history, religion, art, government, and the occult.

  • Television host and producer of Heavy Metal TV showcasing in person interviews with MTV Headbangers Ball Talent, Pink Floyd, Slayer, Pantera, Dimmu Borgir, Anthrax, Testament, Lamb of God, GWAR, Satyricon, Sony Music, Roadrunner Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Relapse Records, Adrenaline PR, and Rive Video.

  • Isis Television Ballet Company choreographer, director, and performer of 33 original operas and ballets.

  • Awards for Heavy Metal TV and volunteer work.

  • Documentary on solutions to world hunger and Nobel Prize contender and founder of Sonic Bloom.

  • Twenty years in homecare management caring for the disabled and elderly.

Nonprofit and Volunteer Service:

  • Inner city youth arts director

  • Love Lines Crisis Center - providing humanitarian aid to the homeless

  • City Council LMCC Camerawoman

  • KFAI Radio DJ

  • Hospice, elderly, disabled, and mentally ill - Sojourn

  • Volunteer Presbyterian Homes for the elderly (2011-2012) - Founded a library for the nursing home

  • Volunteer for Faith Community Church television show (2013)

  • Starting a foundation serving the homeless (2013)

Employment History:

  • Isis Television, Mound MN, 1993-Present

  • Presbyterian Homes, Spring Park MN, 2011-2012

  • Sojourn Suites, Minnetonka MN, 2008-2011

  • Fairview Homecare and Hospice, Minneapolis MN, 1992-1999-2010

  • Sico Incorporated, Hospice Caregiver, 1998-2001

  • Isis Television Ballet Company 1990-1996


Featured in City Pages

It was on Kristin Schaible's MTN program 777 (Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Minneapolis Channel 58) that I first learned of President Eisenhower's top-secret treaty with aliens, in which the aliens agreed to swap some of their technological secrets in exchange for the right to experiment on U.S. citizens and build underground bunkers on American soil. On a later show, I discovered that for much of his career, Sammy Davis Jr. had been under the virtual control of Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey. This saddened me a bit--I always kind of liked Sammy.

I wasn't, however, surprised to learn that John F. Kennedy had kept Marilyn Monroe as the "first presidential sex slave." There aren't too many presidents before JFK whom I can envision making mysterious pilgrimages to the pyramids and keeping sex slaves, at least not on the control level of high-ranking illuminati like JFK.

I guess I'm also willing to buy the idea that "Jesus was a space brother," at least on some metaphoric level. But the very notion that there may be sulfur-reeking, catlike, 3-foot-tall aliens with delicate hands who would like nothing better than to install some sort of implant in my body and force me to drink blood, no ma'am, that I cannot accept. If I believed that sort of thing I wouldn't be able to leave my house in the morning. And I don't want to hear about how "UFOs might well fit into the devil's plan for the tribulation" either. Schaible told me that "Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Mason, which is provable," but I couldn't bring myself to admit that I had absolutely no idea what that meant.

You get the picture: Schaible's show serves up the New Millennium terror spiel in spades, via a mesmerizing, stylishly edited, and wildly entertaining mix of interviews, speakers, music, and interpretative dance. Whether it's angels, aliens, the Bermuda Triangle, or the white buffalo, Schaible leaves no stone unturned in her breakneck quest to ferret out the "conspiracy within the conspiracies facing our world in the present and future."

On the phone Schaible--a part-time nurse with a background in music and dance--sounds easygoing and enthusiastic, whether she's talking about 777 or her performance company, Tenth Dimension. "It's a big merger of music and dance," she says. "I'm trying to create something that would be sort of like Pink Floyd's The Wall for the '90s."

Schaible confesses that even she takes some of the stuff she solicits and assembles for the program with a grain of salt. But she insists that she is committed to airing the widest possible range of "people's perspectives on the millennium," and says that every show she does expands her own curiosity. "You can't watch the news every night without hearing of more plagues, catastrophes, horrors, and cataclysms," she says. "I'm trying to open people's eyes that prophecy is unfolding. I guess if there's a central theme on the show it's that the trumpets have blown."

But even in the shadow of the apocalypse, Schaible's work is far from done. "Right now I'm working on new shows on angels, demons, biological warfare, and Russian missiles," she says. "You know, how Russia and Iraq are conspiring to bring off World War III. I know that commercial television would never touch a show like mine--I'd be banned for sure. That's why I'm so grateful for public access. I think maybe people can be a little more honest when they aren't being paid. Community cable is providing tons of opportunities for people like me who are working underground."




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